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The Ramble is a night of live music featuring the Nick Norman Band, Key Lime Pirates, and Caffeine Carl and The Buzz along with various artists joining the stage for a concert experience that is a rare find in Key West.

Live performances by Nick Norman, Jeff Clark, Caffeine Carl, Joey Marchiano, Ericson Holt, Randy Morrow, Claire Finley, Joal Rush, Tony Baltimore, Tony Roberts, James Whiteheads, Robyn Whitehead, , Greg Rue, Derik Reay & Daryl Brooke.

The Soul of Key West is a celebration of Key West Music is available at:

Ralph De Palma website link:

Amazon link:

Its about all of our favorite Key West musicians.

I've interviewed over 90 Key West musicians. I've consolidated some of over 4000 photos of their performances into this 104 page Volume 1 and the soon to be released Volume 2 (Summer of 2015) of their story. It had to be done.

There is something very special about The Soul of Key West. Something special is going on today with over 50 venues for live music on this compact tiny island. All are supported by the audience with almost no cover charges anywhere. The price a few cold drinks and one can enjoy an evening of tremendous music in our city. All you need is a pair of flip flops and a sense of adventure.

I hope you enjoy this work as much as I did creating it.

Many thanks to all the wonderful musicians in Key West we are truly lucky and blessed with all this talent.
The RambleThe RambleThe RambleThe RambleThe RambleThe RambleThe RambleThe RambleCaffeine CarlThe RambleThe RambleKey Lime PiratesKey Lime PiratesKey Lime PiratesKey Lime PiratesKey Lime PiratesEricson HoltJeff ClarkClaire FinleyJeff Clark