"The question is not what you look at but what you see."
Henry David Thoreau

I feel like I'm a little late to a great party. I've been in the high-tech and software business for most of my life. Digital Photography finally grabbed me one day in 1999 and I've been shooting digital and enjoying instinctive passion since then.

It was a natural progression for me. I bought my first Nikon while in the Army long ago shooting film for years. When transitioning to digital it seemed the more I learned about digital photography the more I discovered about myself and the more I became hooked.

Digital photography is the perfect gathering of reality, creativity and technology. A manage' a trios of passions. It’s like the pursuit of a beautiful woman. The capability of today's technology can excite you while the creativity flirts and the reality teases. Capturing all three stimulates the challenge, the pursuit, and the passion.

The same scene can be exposed in many ways. The same photograph can make many statements. The real magic of the digital image is a translation from linear time and thinking to digital time and thinking with millions of possible translations. Each one of those pixels has a life of its own and its own story to tell.

Feel free to browse my site. Any image you like can be purchased as a matted and framed gift for someone special, or as a jigsaw puzzle, or a t-shirt, or even as postage stamps! Downloads of lo-res images are also available for phone displays, and computer desktop/wallpaper images.

I feel very fortunate that my canvas is Key West and all its eclectic people, places and events. It’s so easy to find a great shot in this paradise I can show you how and where to look.

I specialize in what I like to call “Key West Kool”. I keep going back to those special little places in Key West to shoot and re-shoot, capturing the scene. If you are coming to Key West and would like some great photos, or are fishing in one of our tournaments and would like to capture those moments, or any other Key West Kool activities I can help.

My rates are very reasonable by the hour or the day. Call or email and let’s discuss your ideas and have some fun.

[email protected]