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It difficult to explain - you just have to be there. A Bill Blue Sound Check is a special gig and Bill is a special performer.

Bill Blue's life changed when he met Arthur Big Boy Crudup who wrote the first song that Elvis Presley ever recorded "That’s All Right Mama." Big Boy also wrote "Rock Me Mama,” which Led Zeppelin recorded. Crudup was living in a migrant worker camp, "a truck farm,” in a shack. Bill and Big Boy got a band together and started playing. Around the same time, Bonnie Raitt's manager was gathering old blues musicians like Hound Dog Taylor and the "Black Blues." Bill ended up playing with Crudup and touring with Bonnie Raitt.

Bill Blue first performed in Key West on the Fourth of July, 1979, at Sloppy Joe’s Saloon. He has been a headliner here ever since.

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