Another one of those special Key West celebrations - the annual phlocking of the Parrotheads called The Meeting of the Minds (MOTM).

Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band performed after winning Entertainer of the Year at the Annual Trop Rock Music Awards. The Comparsa Key West dancers joined him on stage.

The Soul of Key West
Continuing a journey that started in 2011 at the Key West Musicians Festival. The next installment of "The Soul of Key West, Volume II" will try to further define the dynamic Key West music scene. The goal of Volume II was to help explain the Key West music phenomena, provide some scale and scope to the understanding. It contains interviews with 65 musicians over 160 photos of their performances. A survey of most of the 54 venues for live music indicates over 16,000 performances are scheduled annually with over 300 gigs a week in a compact city the size of a small mid-western village. Attendance at the 30th annual Key West Musician Festival reached 18,000 in 2015, the Keystock Music Festival has been drawing over 3,000 for the past three years. Key West is becoming a music destination for visitors from around the world. Visitors enjoy warm winter weather and the robust music scene. If Nashville is considered Music City then Key West is Music Island.

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