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Barry Cuda the Pianimal

Barry Cuda the Pianimal

Barry Cuda has rolled his piano down the streets of Key West over 4000 times in his 30 years of playing here.

The entire move is a give and take. Cuda's philosophy of piano moving: “It's like surfing, you have to move around and use the momentum of the piano to help. I sometimes lean forward like skiing to guide the piano. I’m constantly moving from side to side the take the road at the correct angle. “

The tourists along the way at first are surprised to see a piano being moved by a lone mover. Soon they taunt him with their comments like "What kind of mileage does that thing get?" and "You should have taken up the guitar." Cuda gets the latter comment most often and considers it the most lame. He usually retorts "Is that the best you got? I get better from the street people along the way."

One homeless man did get his attention with a comment, "You know they have these new things called I-Pods." Another asked, "Do you take requests?” Cuda says he needs a "tune up" every twenty-two miles.