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Frigate Bird 11

Frigate Bird 11

The frigate bird is your ticket to big dolphin. These large birds have wingspans of up to six feet and can hover or circle on the thermals for long periods of time. It is said that a frigate bird can see down in the water up to 100 feet. This bird is our spy in the sky for finding dolphin. When a frigate spots fish, it will start flying in lazy circles over the spot, very high up. The frigate will continue circling until the fish come up to feed or they go deep and the frigate loses sight. When you see the frigate bird start circling close to the water or maybe come right down on the water, this is when you want to get to that spot fast and get some baits out. This means the fish have come up to feed and the frigate is there to pick up the scraps or chase down a tasty flying fish.

Although it spends most of its life flying over the ocean, it rarely if ever lands on the water.

Frigate birds exist as the nautical equivalent of tropical bird marauders. These beaked opportunists have few avian rivals in the wild