2018 Soul of Key West Calendar

Due September 2017



A colorful 2018 calendar of Key West music entertainers listing major music events and birthdays of your favorite Key West musicians and others.

The Soul of Key West

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"DePalma’s passion for Key West’s vibrant music scene led him to spend countless hours photographing and interviewing dozens of musicians. His photographs capture the rocking spirit of a tiny island filled with over fifty venues featuring live music, and his words roll out the stories, struggles, and triumphs of musicians who play for us night after night." - Key West Citizen, 11/14/13

From the Author

“Key West is becoming a music destination much like Nashville or New Orleans. Our island is full of talent that migrated here from those much larger music cities,” says DePalma. “If Nashville is the ‘Music City’ then Key West is most certainly the ‘Music Island’."

A paragraph from the book "The Soul of Key West" - the First Responders.

"On our island during an emergency the first responders are always the musicians and their music.  Monroe County has one of the highest rates of un-insured workers in Florida.  Every native son that is overcome by an accident or illness can always depend on the soul of Key West for help.  The first volunteers for every fundraising event are always the Key West musicians. "

The book includes 46 interviews of Key West musicians over the past 12 months.  Well over 200 hundred photographs were culled from a collection of 2500.  Its a 104 page anthology of the Key West music scene as told by the musicians.  Their stories are the true description of the lives of professional musicians.  The compact island has the most unique music scene of any city in the US and possibly the world.  There are 50 venues for live music concentrated in a very small area.  The music is totally supported by the equally unique audience with a cover charge being unheard of.  On any night in Key West a short walk of a few blocks and one can listen to some of the best original music, played by world class musicians, it fantastic venues, for the price of a cold drink.

Table of Contents

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Vol. I $20.00  -  Vol. II $20.00